Quality Policy

Statement of Intent

Punjab Paper Converters Ltd (PPC} believe that fundamental to the success of our business is to produce and deliver a product which is safe to use, meets all legal, safety, quality and customer requirements and meets the expectations of all our customer’s using safe and environmentally friendly techniques

To assist us in producing products to this high standard PPC ha e built a Business Management System (BMS) which meets the requirements of the following Standards:

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System


Cleaning and Hygiene Suppliers Association Accreditation Scheme and Code of Practice {CHSA)
and we are working towards Certification to:
Brand Reputation Through Compliance of Global Standards {BRCGS)
Consumer Products, Personal Care and Household Issue 4

The Senior Management Team are to committed to:

  • Producing safe and legal products to customer specified quality by listening to, and focussing on the needs of our Customer’s
  • Encouraging a culture of Safety, Quality, Housekeeping, Service and Continuous Improvement at all levels of our business
  • Continually improving the BMS and holding regular, at least annually, BMS Review Meetings to ensure the system remains effective and meets the requirements of the Standards and ensures compliance with all legal, safety, quality and customer requirements
  • Providing sufficient financial and human resources to produce and improve products safely and in compliance with the Standards
  • Appointing appropriate staff to the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) / Hazard Analysis Risk Assessment (HARA) Team with appropriate internal process knowledge. Provide the required training with sufficient financial and human resources to develop and implement a HACCP / HARA Plan
  • Setting Objectives and Targets which are reviewed at least annually, the outcomes are used to measure and therefore drive continual improvement of PPC’s activities, products and services through our BMS to provide a legal, safe and excellent quality product for consumers which meets the specific requirements expectations of our customer’s
  • Maintaining Certification to the above Standards at the relevant periods defined within the Standards, root causes will be identified and addressed to prevent recurrence in a timely manner for all non-conformances raised during Third Party Audits