Health & Safety Policy

PPC Ltd is committed to protecting the health, safety and welfare of all its employees, customers, contractors and the public.

PPC Ltd believe that our employees are a major asset and this belief forms the basis for health, safety and well-being being a prime consideration in all aspects of our business. The directors also believe that good health and safety management is good business and by improving our health and safety performance and reducing our accidental losses the company will not only improve the levels of health of all employees but also maintain and enhance the company’s successful security and growth.

Our aim is to improve the health and safety performance of PPC Ltd by ensuring suitable health and safety policies and safe working procedures are developed and implemented. Directors and managers across the business are tasked with ensuring that health, safety and welfare matters are as high a priority as all other business considerations. PPC Ltd will provide the appropriate level of health and safety training for all employees so that health and safety awareness is raised across the business. PPC Ltd will monitor its health and safety performance and identify where continual improvements can be made.

It is the obligation of all employees’ under health and safety legislation that they accept their responsibilities and comply with policies and procedures implemented at PPC Ltd. Employees must ensure they use all the health and safety equipment provided by the company and follow any company procedures and safe working practices. PPC Ltd employees must report all accidents and incidents as a matter of priority so that they can be investigated and where required, control measures can be implemented and safe systems of work improved in order to prevent recurrence.

All staff are encouraged to become actively involved in the health and safety performance of the business in an effort to become a safer working environment and contribute to the continued success of PPC Ltd. We encourage all our employees to make suggestions that will help PPC Ltd improve the level of health and safety in all aspects of our business.

We will ensure that appropriate resources are made available so that risk can be eliminated or at least reduced, and that all the above commitments can be met. We will make sure that there is effective communication of health and safety issues throughout the company.